My husband says having your own website is “so noughties.” I say, isn’t it nice to be able to determine your own content, instead of having some algorithm or social media platform do that for you?

Well, here is my new digital home. Welcome.

What’s the point?

Maybe you want to know more about me. Maybe you want to hire me. Maybe you’re a stalker. Well, you won’t find my home address here.


Okay, here’s some actual substance: I care a lot about the environment – always have. Health and media are also special focuses. After a long journey through activism, I became a journalist – that stuck. Photography is among my hobbies. (Yes, I took all the photos on this site.) And I love music, a really wide variety. Oh, and … food!

Recent work

Since April 2021, I’ve been back mostly on the editorial side, doing editing and content curation for DW’s English homepage.

I have also had the opportunity to publish my views on a couple of topics. You are welcome to read more about my take on ultra-rich dudes who blast themselves into space, or how backwards I consider Germany’s view of working mothers.

These have also been published in German:
Wir brauchen Klimaschutz, keine Weltraum-Cowboys
Deutschlands rückwärtsgewandtes Mutterbild

Prior to that, I’d been producing DW’s environment radio magazine, Living Planet. I conceptualized and co-produced this special series:
Now or never: The planet’s biggest environmental problems — part 1
Now or never: The planet’s biggest environmental problems — part 2

One thing I loved about producing that show was bringing together interesting reports on an overarching concept. Here’s one example:

And here’s a show where I did try, for once, to really draw out for the bigger picture (it features an interview with Achim Steiner, head of UNDP):