My husband says having your own website is “so noughties.” I say, isn’t it nice to be able to determine your own content, instead of having some algorithm or social media platform do that for you?

Well, here is my digital home. Welcome.

What’s the point?

Maybe you want to know more about me. Maybe you want to hire me. Maybe you’re a stalker. Well, you won’t find my home address here.


Okay, here’s some actual substance: I care a lot about the environment – always have. Health and law are also special focuses. After a long journey through activism, I became a journalist – that stuck. Photography is among my hobbies. (Yes, I took all the photos on this site.) And I love music, a really wide variety. Oh, and … food!

Recent work

Beyond editing and producing over the past couple years, over recent months I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of online journalism.

As Russia threatens to cut off gas flows to Europe, I examined how European countries might be able to slash their gas consumption.

100 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, I looked at five ways the war has changed the world.

Upon new developments in Spanish law, there was this stocktake of where EU countries stand on abortion. I also considered whether a widespread policy of menstrual leave might be a good idea.

A story I did about a nascent trend toward deglobalization got adapted into 10 languages at DW, including Arabic and Portuguese.

And this one is based on deep personal interest, since I have my own small child – and have been wondering about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on child development.

I have also been able to publish my views on a couple of topics. You are welcome to read more about why I got riled up about the findings around the COVID vaccine impacting menstruation, or my take on ultra-rich dudes who blast themselves into space.

Some of these pieces have also been published in German:
Globalisierung: Ist der Zenit überschritten?
Wir brauchen Klimaschutz, keine Weltraum-Cowboys
Deutschlands rückwärtsgewandtes Mutterbild

Past work

For a time, I was producing the radio show/podcast Living Planet. You can listen to this episode, for example, where our production team collaborated with another audio project to look at whether or not civilization would need to end in order to save the Earth.

I led the environment team at DW for about five years. Here is a small selection of some of the material I produced during that time.

Video interview: California Governor Jerry Brown at COP23 in Bonn

Online version: California’s Jerry Brown on how to beat Trump on climate change

Opinion piece: Hambach Forest — just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right

I’ve also worked as a freelancer. This short documentary video Tourism in Cancún: Success or Disaster? was a part of the Km 0 compilation.